Independence Day 2015

The Camp Of The Saints

You were informed by the last Post that Congress had declared the thirteen united Colonies free, & independent States. It must be allowed by the impartial World that this Declaration has not been made rashly. The inclosed Catalogue of Crimes of the deepest Dye, which have been repeatedly perpetrated by the King will justify us in the Eyes of honest & good Men. By multiplied Acts of Oppression and Tyranny he has long since forfeited his Right to Govern. The Patience of the Colonies in enduring the most provoking Injuries so often repeated will be Matter of Astonishment….

—Samuel Adams, Letter to John Pitts, 17 July 1776

It is with a very heavy heart that I will celebrate this Anniversary of the enactment of our Declaration Of Independence, that freed us from the Despotism of Great Britain.

Here we are but 239 years from the passage of that Great And…

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