Nonage and the Death of Liberty

The Rio Norte Line

Thumb suckerAs time passes, every culture exhibits stages of maturity – a defined lifecycle. As times change and the old are replaced by the young, a culture progresses and mores and attitudes change as the members and their perspectives change. The maturity level of a given culture is often expressed by the maturity level of the younger demographic as it prepares to assume control of the culture.

The Greatest Generation enjoyed unparalleled prosperity in the post WWII years. This prosperity provided the opportunity to extend childhood through leisure opportunities afforded by that prosperity. Parents of this generation wanted better for their children, striving to create an easier life for the Baby Boomer kiddies, and as a result the Boomers grew up in an environment where they had and did more as they received the benefits of their parents’ success.

Protected from the harshness their parents knew, Boomer children grew up in…

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