On The Declaration Of Independence’s Relevance

The Camp Of The Saints

As you might imagine, some of the best writing on, and analysis of, The Declaration comes before us at this time every year — and always from the starboard side of this spinning piece of solar driftwood.

Time does not permit my citing more than two examples [my research load is quite heavy these days], but, I can assure you, that are two of the best and most comprehensive of the lot.

-In his weekly column over at USA Today, Glenn Reynolds shows how the ‘Declaration should still wake the powerful up at night‘. And being a professor, Instapundit teaches some essential lesson along the way.

A highlight:

Divine-right political theory was understandably popular with kings and their supporters and hangers-on, and a form of it survives in assorted variations today. [BOB: You betcha — see: Left, The – disambiguation] But the declaration takes a different…

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