Great Moments with Roger Clinton (Reprise)

Regular Right Guy

2A4FD53700000578-3152624-image-a-10_1436301855369Must we say it?

Okay. He’s baaaaack.

Roger Clinton, the ne’er-do-well younger half-brother of William Jefferson Blithe Clinton, has returned to the political stage as, ruefully but quite possibly, a harbinger of things to come.

Daily Mail:

Bill Clinton’s half brother Roger, nicknamed ‘headache’ by the Secret Service during Clinton’s presidency, has tried to keep a low-profile as his sister-in-law Hillary positions her family to move back into the White House.

But now it is revealed today that he used his brother-in-law’s name to win a $100,000 consulting contract with a company looking to build houses in Haiti.

And it is also disclosed that he is living in a home that was partly – if not fully – paid for by Bill through a limited liability company registered to the Clintons’ family home in Chappaqua, New York.

The use of such a device was described as having the potential…

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