The Faith That Dare Not Speak It’s Claim

The Camp Of The Saints

My, my, my…how things have changed since the World turned upside down…

From a recent Mark Steyn column, where he demolishes a Dupe’s juvenile rantings [image mine]:

Apropos the forced resignations of American town and county clerks who are practicing Christians, Jason Mayo writes from Bowdoinham, Maine:

Who Am I? Who Am I?

And, one must ask, what of the 14th Amendment–equal protection under the law? Is not the brilliance of the Constitution evident in its protection of the individual from the practice of religion in the PUBLIC square? Sometimes you lose me, Sir. I hope all may practice any religion they wish, but, privately; religion has no merit in the workings of a secular state. Your thinking is fucked up on this one.

Jason Mayo
Bowdoinham, Maine

A couple of thoughts, and a word of advice: Saying “fuck” in public was mildly transgressive half-a-century ago and required indeed a certain…

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