Two Big Problems We Face

The Camp Of The Saints

As summarized by Sdferr and 11B40…


Islam is the millstone. It is nothing more than the globalization of 7th Century A.D. (if I may) predatory Arab tribal culture under a thin veneer of religion. And if your plan doesn’t include constraining, undermining, or eradicating Islam itself, you don’t have a plan. what you have is a hope.

And what is the nature of that hope?

‘Please, pleeease…don’t kill us’ or ‘Islam just has to go through it’s own Reformation’ or ‘Can we opt for Islam-lite’?


By the way: eradicating Mohammedism would be the best way to handle the situation, because, by it’s very nature, Islam is dedicated to the eradication of all non-Muslims. This a core belief. And, since The Koran is the ‘word of Allah’ and cannot, therefore, be altered, they must always be at War with non-Muslims, if they are to remain Muslim.

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