On The #IranDeal – Shouldn’t ‘Pretend Time’ Be Over By Now?

The Camp Of The Saints

Shouldn’t those few leaders in the world on the side of Good realize this is the time for the Truth, and only the Truth?

Friend In The Ether Sdferr left these spot-on remarks over in a post by Darleen Click at Protein Wisdom on the Appeasement of Iran:

In order to indicate the sweep of error as people reflect on PresidentIVotePresentAndWonPenPhone’s unilateral accomplishment, I note that we can see a headline at The Right Scoop which reads “The deal is a Historic Mistake — Netanyahu Responds to Nuke Deal Announcement”.

And indeed, Netanyahu says in a tweet: “When willing to make a deal at any cost, this is the result. From early reports, we can see that the deal is a historic mistake.”

But stop.

This isn‘t a mistake in the sense that it doesn’t achieve what it was desired to achieve. Quite the contrary, it gets ClownDeceptor everything…

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