John Forbes Kerry Chokes…Up

JFK is a dispicible @#+%$&# moron of the lowest order. He is a traitor and should be treated as such.

The Camp Of The Saints

And I thought Madeleine Albright was a total Goddamn embarrassment…

From The New York Times, Davis Sanger and Michael Gordon reporting, we learn [I won’t link the bastards][tip of the fedora to Matthew Continetti via Sdferr]:

…Finally, on Tuesday, the agreement was announced.

When the photo ops were over, the seven foreign ministers who had negotiated it met for the last time. Each spoke briefly about the importance of the moment. Mr. Kerry spoke last, but then added a personal coda. Choking up, he recalled going off to Vietnam as a young naval officer and said he never wanted to go through that again. He emerged committed, he said, to using diplomacy to avoid the horrors of war.

Interesting, considering Iran declared War on The Great Satan about, oh, thirty-five years ago and has never stopped waging it against us.

Controlling my anger at the rank imbecility of…

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