BREAKING: Proof Obama Is From Outer Space.

The Camp Of The Saints

Souses tell TCOTS News that the following Reuters / Yahoo report proves beyond a shadow of a doubting Justice Thomas that the ‘man’ who is President is actually an ALIEN FROM OUTER SPACE!

From the report, Matthew Stock reporting, we learn [emphasis ours]:

Scientists in Germany are using advanced imaging technology in a bid to understand one unusual phenomenon – why astronauts’ skin gets thinner while in space….

It has long been known that the President is very thin-skinned, but no one was sure how the jug-eared Nancy Boy got that way.

Some speculated that he was a covert Muslim, others that it just goes with being a Narcissistic Douchebagfacehead.

But there were others who took their cue from the President’s Choom Gang exploits.

What is clear is that this direct evidence vindicates those who for years have claimed, based on the available circumstantial evidence [like how the guy…

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