Going Mussolini

The Camp Of The Saints

I’m sure that most of us [ie: the minority of Sane people left in this country] would agree with Friend In The Ether Sdferr’s sentiments:

Personally, I’d prefer the next executive “undo” the deal with generous deliveries of heavy ordnance and ground penetrating bombs on Iranian weapons development and storage facilities, than any penphone. But that’s just my view.

Sadly, however, methinks Ernst Schreiber is right:

Not going to happen because then we’d have to worry about Iran’s nuclear retaliation. This is as much about constraining our ability to act in our interests (as non-leftist, i.e., “sane:” people understand them) as it is about constraining Israel.

Chamberlain may have been weak and naive, but he wasn’t anti-British. Obama is craven, mendacious, anti-British, anti-American, and probably anti-Western (Judeo-Christian civilization as traditionally understood prior to the day before yesterday) as well.

When the EMP takes us out, I hope the…

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