@MJosephSheppard → Sarah Palin’s New Role? “Mother And Conscience Of the Nation”

The Camp Of The Saints


Governor Palin is the very definition of protean: “versatile” “mutable” “capable of assuming many forms”…. “Protean”has positive connotations of flexibility, versatility, and adaptability.”

If Palin had been a Democratic party star, her rise from the most obscure and humble of beginnings would be more than the subject of legend it would be raised to the status of paean, panegyric and hagiography.

Instead of recruiting the assistance of the Hollywood left to create a distorted, cartoon character of “Palin” in the hit job movie “Game Change” if Palin had been the Dem’s VP nominee, in a brave but losing cause (trying to support up a McCain like figure whose campaign was beset by financial collapse) instead of a second tier actress like Julianne Moore, a Meryl Streep would have been cast as the heroine.

There would seem to be nothing more unlikely to have ever happened in political life than the…

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