Progressive Bernie Sanders Praises Progressive Seattle, Before Progressive #BlackLivesMatter Shouts Him Down

Regular Right Guy

150430-berniesanders-editorialWhile the GOP is busy trying to marginalize Donald Trump and what they see as his clown car of mindless followers, you think the Democrats don’t have their problems…?

It was like an old “Benson” rerun in Seattle yesterday.

Bernie Sanders, the Washington secular progressive left’s only honest out-of-the-closet commie handled that well, don’t you think?

In fact, I don’t recall Benson being that funny.

“Let us speak! Let’s us speak! Let us speak…!”

“Hold it, everyone… bu… bu… bu… Bernie’s on your side… Yes, bu… bu… bu… Bernie’s… Oh $#!+…”

Let’s face it, in the early running Bernie’s doing all right. But just how long can he last without a real cause to champion, against a brilliant progressive genius like this?

#BlackLivesMatter …

Get on it, Bern, before the train leaves the station.

Bernie! Bernie! Bernie… C’mon everybody Berni…



The Other McCain

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