Hillary’s Email Scandal: Here Are All The Things She Hasn’t Lied About

Regular Right Guy

thJim Treacher

Wow, the teabaggers sure are obsessed with all the things Hillary Clinton has said that aren’t true. They’re nitpicking over her every little utterance, as if it proves anything!

Check out wingnut supreme Mary Katharine Ham over at Hot Air:

Perhaps now Chris Matthews will understand why Carly Fiorina feels secure saying Hillary Clinton is lying about her e-mails. It’s because pretty much everything she’s said about her e-mail situation has turned out not to be true. She didn’t only use one device. She didn’t turn over everything work-related. She didn’t mostly send e-mails to government employees so they were immediately archived. She didn’t avoid classified information in corresponding over her private e-mail account. The classified information found by IGs in her relinquished e-mails was not classified after the fact but when she sent it. Oh, and there was a subpoena.

Yeah. Well.

Okay, fine, maybe Hillary’s…

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