On Pretentious Conservatives and The Donald

The Camp Of The Saints

Mike Hendrix, proprietor of Cold Fury, responds to a member of our side [Robert Tracinsky, directly; Ben Domenech, indirectly], who, despite his protestations, is clearly a member of what I like to call ‘The Conservative Beautiful People’ – or, at the very least, bucking for membership in that snobbish group:

Tracinsky then gets busy hurling the usual insults at Trump enthusiasts (“low-information voters,” “Archie Bunker types,” “single-issue anti-immigration fanatics,” “outright racists,” and “genteel quasi-racists,” you’ll be unsurprised to learn), which insults sound a whole hell of a lot like the Left’s perception of Republicans generally no matter who’s slinging them. He declares himself not remotely an Establishmentarian type, which I would have mostly agreed with before reading this tripe. Then comes the denouement: “So how many of these people are there, how committed are they, and how bitter will they be if their newfound champion doesn’t win?”

Robert, Robert…

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