‘Equality In All Things!’: Empowering Misery

The Camp Of The Saints

One of the most dangerous beliefs to hold is the one that sees Equality in all things as desirable.

People are not equal.

They are individuals with varying levels of talent and abilities.

This is Human Nature.

Encouraging everyone to act as though they are equal in all things is destructive to the Soul because it sets people on a course that can only end in Frustration and Misery.

This is especially true when it comes to the relationship between Men and Women, who are different in so many ways, whose differences, when combined in a monogamous relationship, create something greater than the two parts standing alone.

Stacy McCain understands this very well:

…What feminist ideology tells young women they should do — being sexually “empowered” and expecting this empowerment to lead to “equality” in their relationships — is the exact opposite of what common sense based on an actual…

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