In ‘The Camp Of The Saints’: Novel Popes And Reverends

The Camp Of The Saints

In light of the apparent coming to life of The Camp Of The Saints Scenario, I thought it might be a good idea to gather together some excerpts from the novel that deal with the reaction of the Religious Leaders of The West.

I would urge you to pay particular attention to the Pope because you may notice some resemblance to a certain living Holy Father [although the name he has chosen for him shows that Mr. Raspail, while turning out to be a Prophet, is certainly not a perfect one].

The excerpts are rather long, but, I believe, well-worth your time [WARNING: Have a drink handy]…

[NOTE: Re-paragraphings mine]

-From Chapter Three:

…Then, after a while, there were too many poor. Altogether too many. Folk you didn’t even know. Not even from here. Just nameless people. Swarming all over. And so terribly clever! Spreading through cities, and houses…

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