Debate: CNN Sucks, but You Already Knew that…

Regular Right Guy

GOP Presidential Debate In Simi ValleyIf the national GOP leadership actually cared about winning the presidency in 2016, last night would have come close to translating as an establishment disaster.

And CNN couldn’t have looked worse, if it had tried to create a GOP free-for-all and set back to watch the mud fly.

Wait. That is what CNN tried to do.

Anchor Jake Tapper might as well have just said at the beginning, We hate Donald Trump, tell us, candidates, how much do you hate Donald Trump?

Forty-four percent of the panel’s questions focused on Donald Trump, and the rest focused how out of touch Republicans are with acceptable liberal media memes.

When the smoked cleared, one candidate actually changed her fortunes and the rest just managed to stay alive.

Carly Fiorina came out of the box swinging and put herself on the map as a serious player, while Donald Trump… well, who knows…

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