More On The #EpicFAIL Of Scott Walker

The Camp Of The Saints

Don Surber’s analysis:

When Scott Walker dropped out of the presidential race on Monday, I was happy. I originally endorsed him, but his campaign lacked energy. He is a poor communicator who seemed to be running for a third term as governor of Wisconsin instead of president. I switched to Carly Fiorina. She is scrappy and in touch with voters. [BOB: Well…nobody’s perfect, not even the esteemed Mr. Surber.]

Walker’s people are bemoaning that Donald Trump has done in another good governor, as somehow Rick Perry’s departure is all Trump’s fault. Many Republicans are sounding like whine buckets as their first round draft choices are turning into Cleveland Browns quarterbacks.

Which brings me to this odd headline in the Washington Examiner: “Top Santorum aide: Trump has ‘stolen something’ from every candidate.”

Santorum’s campaign manager, John Brabender, said: “Trump has stolen something from almost every candidate who has hurt…

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