The Naked Face Of Leftism: Death Be Not Long

The Camp Of The Saints


With apologies to John Donne:

Death be not long, though some have called thee
Worthy of being avoided as long as ’tis possible…

Governor/Commissar Jerry Brown of the California Oblast has done us a service by exposing another bit of The Naked Face Of Leftism.

From Wesley J. Smith, we learn [tip of the fedora to Mike Hendrix][emphasis in the original]:

Last week, Jerry Brown signed assisted suicide into law in California.

This week, he vetoed a bill that would have allowed dying patients to access experimental drugs in an attempt to live.

The Culture Of Death abides and increases it’s reach…although the Left usually denies it.

As Mike Hendrix remarks:

…You have a right to be told what you may and may not do your whole life, and you have the right to die and quit soaking up the government’s money when they’re all done with…

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