The Democratic Masterdebate

The Camp Of The Saints

Jeez, people…get a room [under Section 8, of course].

It was an Orgy Of Ugly [physical and Spiritual].

Or…as Paco described it: ‘the whole thing sounded like a revival of the Comintern’.

-I did not watch the Democratic Debate because I decided to do something more pleasurable: have my eyes gouged-out with a rusty melon-baller.

Seriously…I followed the idiocy on Twitter, which saves my stores of bourbon [although, it’s a close-run thing every damn time].

-Darleen Click sums it up pretty damn well here with one of her top-notch / spot-on Photoshops.

-William Jacobson has, per usual, some very insightful remarks here.

A highlight:

…Democrats in 2015 like their males Beta, and their females Alpha. This, to them, was a feature not a bug.

Bernie is betting on the Democratic Socialist vote, and that vote doesn’t care about Hillary’s server.

No Leftist does Morally or Legally, because they…

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