The War On The Kulaks

The Camp Of The Saints

When Leftists gain Power And Control of any government — be they Fascists, Communists, or Statists [often known as ‘Liberals’ or ‘Social Democrats’] — they soon set-out to make alliances with large corporations.

As Joel Kotkin explains [NOTE: I do not agree with some of his conclusions][tip of the fedora to Instapundit]:

From the inception of the Soviet Union, transformation was built, quite consciously, on eliminating those forces that could impede radical change. In many ways, the true enemy was not the large foreign capitalists (some of whom were welcomed from abroad to aid modernization) but the small firm, the independent property owner.

“Small scale commercial production is, every moment of every day, giving birth spontaneously to capitalism and the bourgeoisie … Wherever there is business and freedom of trade, capitalism appears,” noted the state’s founder Vladimir Lenin. He understood that while larger firms could be manipulated to serve…

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