Democrats Prefer Off-year Elections For Their Voter Suppression

Via Memeorandum

I have never read the FiveThirtyEight blog before so I have no idea of it’s political bias. But I came upon this article which was presented in an unbiased non partisan way. It explains the difference between the “voter suppression” practiced by Republicans and how Democrats practice “voter suppression.”

In a nutshell, Republicans are for stronger voter ID laws, which during national elections, supposedly suppress minorities and the down trodden from voting.

Democrats on the other hand, use off cycle elections for local and school board elections to suppress the vote. The people most interested in voting in off cycle elections are the ones who have the most vested interest in how the elections turn out. Teachers, Teacher unions, public sector unions and workers on the taxpayers’ dime have a vested interest in these elections.

They have the most to gain and don’t want to lose their place on the gravy train. Salary raises and better benefits are usually their reward for getting out and voting during these elections.

Most private sector workers and house wives don’t pay enough attention to the issues that affect them and their children, which is a shame because they have the most to lose.

lays out the case in this interesting article.

Here’s a sample:

In the ongoing fight between Democrats and Republicans over election procedures like voter ID and early voting, the Democrats are supposedly the champions of higher turnout and reducing barriers to participation. But when it comes to scheduling off-cycle elections1 like those taking place today, the Democratic Party is the champion of voter suppression.

Indeed, few people will vote today. Many elections are taking place, but almost all are for local offices. School boards, for example, are up for election in Houston; Fairfax County, Virginia; Charlotte, North Carolina and in hundreds of other communities that oversee the education of millions of schoolchildren. But only a small number of highly engaged voters will participate in the elections for these offices.

Its interesting how Republicans want to consolidate elections to make it easier for more people to vote in local elections and Democrats push against election consolidation to hold onto their cash cow, as it were.

What made me read this article and write about it was the fact that we just had a local election today in town. I’ve been out of town on business for the last four months and didn’t know anything about it. ( I wouldn’t have been able to vote in it anyway because it’s a town election and I live in the county.)

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