Small, Everyday Acts Of Evil

The Camp Of The Saints

I’m speaking of those singular acts perpetrated often by a single institution that cause feelings of anger and frustration to arise when Normal People become aware of them.

Over at Protein Wisdom, Darleen Click recently posted about one of these where one school district decided to accommodate in it’s girl’s locker rooms a minor child who identified as a female and is catching major flak from the Obama Regime for singling-out the student for not treating him in the spirit of Egalitarianism carried to it’s logical [and absurd] end.

Do take the time to click here and read Darleen’s post.

I especially liked this one of her remarks:

…it really is just part of the move to make private sexual behavior fall under government auspices and control. And, further to control people by inculcating them in to the belief that dissent from government approved sexual identity and behavior…

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