Today Is #NationalOffendACollegeStudentDay

Today is National Offend a College Student Day. And here is one reason why:“>

Stacy McCain has more here.

A frenzied student mob is now running the University of Missouri, having forced the abdication of university system president Tim Wolfe, while chancellor Bowen Loftin will “transition” to another job, the university board announced:

Today the board announced a series of initiatives to be implemented over the next 90 days to address the racial climate on its campuses, including:

  • A first-ever Chief Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Officer will be appointed for the UM System. Accountability and metrics will be established for the position going forward;
  • A full review will be initiated of all UM System policies as they relate to staff and student conduct;
  • Additional support will be provided for students, faculty and staff who have experienced discrimination and disparate treatment.
  • Additional support will be provided for the hiring and retention of diverse faculty and staff;

Complete capitulation to the mob, basically. Robert Tracisnki at the Federalist tries to explain what happened at Missouri:

My God, is this what we’re paying colleges to teach our young adults…that they have some right not to be offended?

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