Laughter Wipes Away the Sad


Today, I am grateful for the ability to laugh at some of the most ridiculous things. Brad is a comedian who can take the most mundane boring subject and turn it into a laughfest.

Yesterday, he was telling me how he wants to purchase a used parachute to use as a winter shelter while caribou hunting. It was just a standard conversation like we have every evening. He wants to buy a little woodstove like you use in a tent.

He started talking about this nice survival scenario (which is not entirely unknown here in the frozen north) and then he move on to envisioning waking up in the middle of the night to the parachute and the Jeep being on fire, trying to drive out of the parachute, and … SUDDENLY, we had herds of flaming caribou running across the tundra with long scarves of parachute fabric flying out…

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