The Gulag: The Coming Fear Under A Life Of Lies

The Camp Of The Saints

Considering that most, if not all by now, of the claims by the Revolutionary students at the University of Missouri have either been debunked or were always simply too absurd on their face to be taken seriously Normal, mentally healthy people; considering that the Radical students at Yale are demanding a preposterous and utterly inane and idiotic set of conditions be met; and considering the fact, despite all this, that these budding Nihilist Wobblies have gone from triumph to triumph, it is worth looking at where these kind of things will lead us if we do not stop them immediately.

Such behavior as that exhibited by the Revolutionaries [and that is what they are because that is what they seek: the overthrow and destruction of the American Way Of Life in favor of the grand and beautiful ‘safe-space’ of a Leftist Utopia] is not new or unique. It has been…

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