Al-Nusra Front Commander Killed While Filming Interview

Regular Right Guy

angry-muslim-guy-memegenerator-e1361299462356Our blog buddy Prof. Donald Douglas at American Power Blog tipped us to this one this morning.

Warning: This is a video of an al-Nursa Front (better known as al-Qaeda in Syria) commander and Syrian reporter Ahmed Abu Hamza being atomized may be disturbing to some viewers.

There wasn’t much to see there, but I thought the warning was appropriate. However, it does go to show you just how fast a guy can collect those 70 virgins.

Don’t feel too badly, though.

This commander was leading one of the “moderate” Syrian rebel groups senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have wanted to arm in Syria. He was a bloodthirsty jihadist, and arming him would have been no better than sitting back, as Barack Obama has done, and allowing ISIS to run rampant.

So much for playing Sort the Muslims.

He is one good jihadist now.

File Under: Abbottabad…

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