‘Obama’: ‘Talk To The Hand…And The Pen And the Phone’

The Camp Of The Saints

It is rather obvious that ‘Barack Hussein Obama’* has proceeded to the next stage [aka: ‘reached a new and tyrannical low’] in his Presidency.

Look at these recent statements…


Obama-contempt-325“I cannot think of a more potent recruitment tool for ISIL than some of the rhetoric coming out of here in the course of this debate,” thundered Obama at a news conference.

“ISIL seeks to exploit the idea that there is a war between Islam and the West,” Obama continued. “And when you start seeing individuals in positions of responsibility suggesting that Christians are more worthy of protection than Muslims are, in a war-torn land, that feeds into the ISIL narrative. It’s counterproductive and it needs to stop.”

The very same alleged “leader” went on to make a cheap “joke” about how his opponents are supposedly scared of Syrian moppets: “These are the same folks often times that say they’re…

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