Bob The Answer Man On ‘Cultural Appropriation’

The Camp Of The Saints

QUESTION: Why has ‘gay marriage’ [aka: SSM] been pushed on American Culture so heavily these past few years?

The push for ‘gay marriage’ is just one more offensive operation [so far, one that has been very successful] in the Left’s War To Death with Western Civilization.

One might call this attack in the War ‘Operation Cultural Appropriation’, because is that not what they are seeking to do?

There is, of course, a difference between your Culture appropriating ‘the good customs’ of another Culture for the purposes of building the strength of your Culture and appropriating a custom, such as Marriage, for the sole reason of destroying it.

The Left seeks the latter and either Homosexuals agree with their aims or are too stupid to understand they are being used.

Over at Protein Wisdom, The Monster wrote the following about Marriage:

The reason we even have marriage is to protect…

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