Jeb! A Woman VP?

Regular Right Guy

jeb_bush-100567745-primary.idgeThis might move me…


Jeb Bush may have accidentally let it slip during a town hall meeting Tuesday that he would like to select a female running mate if he becomes the Republican nominee for president.

Asked by an audience member in Waterloo, Iowa, about his views on the role of the vice president, the former Florida governor discussed how Ronald Reagan and his father, George H.W. Bush, had a president-vice president “relationship built on mutual respect and trust.”

“That kind of relationship I think is really important,” Bush said. “And should I be elected president, I would have my vice president — I think she will be a great partner.”

Immediately realizing he had used a female pronoun, Bush said to laughter: “I mean, did I say that out loud?” [Read it here]

… If I didn’t think Hillary Clinton might be on his shortlist.


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