The Left And The Mentally Ill: A Band Of Lunatic Brothers

The Camp Of The Saints

For many of us, the murders committed by Robert Lewis Dear in Colorado is just another scene in an ongoing marathon drama of acts of Madness occurring in America nearly every, single day.

From the Insanity [laced with a serial Inanity] coming out of the mouths of college students to the dangerous and deadly policies and actions [and inactions] of those in charge of the central government to the Hysterical shriekings of unhinged Feminists to… — well, you get the picture — one would not be wrong to label this epoch The Deranged Age.

Literally, Lunatics are roaming freely throughout the whole of this country, as Stacy McCain points out in another installment of his series, Crazy People Are Dangerous:

…Our society has been persuaded by liberals that the demented and deranged should never be criticized because criticism might hurt their feelings. Wackos and lunatics are very sensitive…

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