How To Become A ‘Radicalized Muslim’ [UPDATED]

The Camp Of The Saints

It’s very, very simple, as Friend In The Ether GeoffB explains:

Taught exactly what their professed faith required of them. That the Koran is not a book like the Bible. It is co-equal with Allah. It’s existed, with Allah from before the beginning of time. What is written in it is to be memorized and followed to the letter. If words in it that were dictated later conflict with words dictated earlier the later ones are the final true words.

Belief in that is all it takes to be “radicalized.” The “radical” actions to be taken are all written out, as commands that must be obeyed if you are to enter heaven. Those who do not follow the exact words within are either infidel or apostate. How to treat each are also written down and commanded.

This was finalized a thousand years ago when Islam was made what it…

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