Muslim Miscellany

The Camp Of The Saints

-Letting The Barbarians In The Gate?

Here’s a telling tale of what we can expect in America on a more frequent and noticeable basis if we just keep letting Muslims immigrate to America…

From The London Daily Mail, Laura Wells reporting, we learn:

Baby-faced and swamped by her wedding dress and veil, she is easily young enough to be her companion’s grand-daughter.

But despite the startling fact that this ‘bride’ is just a child, some passers-by are astonishingly quick to offer congratulations.

In this case, the marriage is a sham to highlight the plight of Lebanese girls who can be married off to much older men from the age of nine.

The practice is on the increase in the country, especially in refugee camps where Syrian refugee girls are forced to marry young.

Many see it as acceptable. One man, passing the staged wedding, asks: ‘Is she yours?’

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