Treacher: Man 52, Lives As 6-Year-Old Girl

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stefoknee-wolschtYeah, you gotta read this.

Jim Treacher, TheDC:

I’ve said some pretty mean things about trans people over the years, such as “Bruce Jenner is genetically male” and “You guys look dumb” and other factually accurate cruelties. But I’m man enough — no offense — to admit when I’m wrong.

Now I’m convinced. Trans is real. Take it away, Daily Xtra!

 Yeah, that’s not really how time works, guy.

Look, if this dude wants to pretend he’s a little girl, fine. As long as he’s not hurting anybody, he’s… well, he’s not hurting anybody. But he’s not a little girl. He is neither little nor a girl. Taking note of these observable facts is not “transphobic.” It just means you have a working set of eyes and ears. Feelings aren’t facts, and logic isn’t hate….

Update: Wolscht went missing in Toronto earlier this week, but fortunately he’s been found…

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One thought on “Treacher: Man 52, Lives As 6-Year-Old Girl

  1. “:he’s not hurting anybody” Not sure I buy that. Is “she” independently wealthy or on the dole? What is his contribution to society? I would suggest he is hurting the taxpayers who are supporting him, by not shouldering his responsibilities as both a taxpayer and a citizen. (Although not having this clown in the military or voting may be a blessing in disguise!)

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