#Sinatra100 – Bob Belvedere’s Songs For Swingin’ Sinatra Fans!

The Camp Of The Saints

Cue theme music…

DEZI ARNEZ, Bandleader: It’s Bob Belvedere’s Songs For Swingin’ Sinatra Fans!…starring that King Of The Hill, A-Number One Sinatra Fan himself: Bob Belvedere.  And here he comes, just like he came out of the womb, cigarette in one hand, a Jack-on-the-rocks in another [laughter] …heeerrreee’ssssBOB! [applause and cheers]

BOB: Hey, Swingin’ Lovers…thank you…thank you very much…how did everybody get in my room? [laughter]

This is you hep-cat pilot, Bob Belvedere, and we’re gonna soar way-up in that stratosphere, where the air is rarefied, to celebrate the 100th Birthday of The Chairman Of The Board, Ol’ Blue Eyes, The Voice — Mr. Francis Albert Sinatra. [applause]

[Bill Miller-sh piano starts playing I Get A Kick Out Of You] You know a sign that you’re considered one of the greats in Music is when you can be referred to by one name and everybody knows exactly…

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