Then: Cryin’ John / Now: Bawling Barry

The Camp Of The Saints

-I had hoped that we had gotten rid of grown men crying in Washington when Cryin’ John Boehner left the scene of the crime, but, it seems, our mom jeans-wearing, throw-like-a-girl Beta Male President has decided to pick-up the torch of whimpering weeping.

Of course, the ex-Speaker’s tears were the product of Alcoholism and I have not heard any rumors about Barry being an boozer, so there is that difference [although we can’t rule-out chronic drug use – yeah, I said it].

More than likely, however, ‘Obama’ was acting – something he’s quite good act. I mean, he’s successfully portrayed himself in a number of roles that have fooled millions, such as ‘American’. This man-child is a talented little bugger [or buggerer – yeah, I said it].

What a fitting way for The United State [not a typo] to start-off 2016.

Happy New Year!

Sarah Palin has a…

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