Back in the USSR

The Rio Norte Line

kgb-alpha-snatches-tolkachevObama’s announcement yesterday about his unilateral action on gun control was filled with even more lies than tears…but in all fairness, like most of his pronouncements it wasn’t designed to be factual.

It was an example of progressive “signalling” – an announcement by a progressive authority about what was proper to believe and license to attack those who don’t share that same “proper” frame of mind. Given the vitriol and blind attacks I have read coming from the usual leftist suspects over the past 24 hours, it appears that the message was received. Chuckie “Where’s the Camera?” Schumer’s pet progressive rag – the New York Daily News – sure got it, coming out this morning with pictures of Fiorina, Cruz, Paul Ryan and Rubio on the front page under the heading “The Party of Pro-Death.”

In truth, when viewed in the context of the problem he professes to want to…

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