Schlafly: ‘Rubio Will Never Be President…’

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Trump-RubioGreat interview at Breitbart today with the legendary Phyllis Schlafly. In it the irascible conservative icon slams Marco Rubio and dubs the Donald as the 2016 establishment antidote.

Whether you agree with her or not, Schlafly articulately resonates much of the outrage of the movement she helped spawn and tells us why she believes Trump has caught the wave.


In an exclusive hour-long sit down interview with Breitbart News, 91-year-old conservative icon and living legend Phyllis Schlafly declared that Donald Trump “is the only hope to defeat the Kingmakers,” and detailed why she believes Trump alone will return the government to the people. She warned that if immigration is not stopped: “we’re not going to be America anymore.”

Some highlights…

Ryan & Rubio

The quick-witted conservative heroine also delivered a blistering critique of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), the two most prominent…

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