Clueless, Feckless, and Dim, Esquires – Representing The GOPe

The Camp Of The Saints

In a column on Nikki Haley’s God-awful response to the State Of The Union Speech, Mark Steyn captures succinctly what is wrong with the GOP Establishment:

So the usual vapid cookie-cutter split-the-difference slippery bromides indifferently delivered. That’s what the GOP panjandrums decided America wanted to hear in a campaign season when their own base has told them that it’s insufficient. By the way, that’s true not just for Trump and Cruz voters, but to one degree or another for Carson, Fiorina, Paul, Huckabee and Santorum guys, too. Defining the “moderate” vote as Rubio, Bush, Christie and Kasich, that adds up to a combined 21 per cent in recent polls.

So these days the GOP can’t even schedule an insipid forgettable SOTU response without insulting the overwhelming majority of its actual voters.

How can they when they decided sometime back that Conservative Thinking was doomed in America, that it’s time…

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