Hillary: No One Is ‘Too Powerful To Jail’

Regular Right Guy

hillary-clinton-orange-pantsuitHere’s best quote we could find from last night’s DNC public display of deflection.


During the NBC News Democratic Debate Sunday night Hillary Clinton said she agreed with Bernie Sanders that “no individual is too powerful to jail.”

This came during a discussion on policies regulating Wall Street in which Hillary Clinton hit Sanders for criticizing President Obama.

CLINTON: There’s no daylight on the basic premise that there should be no bank too big to fail, and no individual too powerful to jail. We agree on that. But where we disagree is the comments that Senator Sanders has made that don’t just affect me … [read it all]

We’re just going to let that hang right there for a moment.

Here is a poor-quality sound bite the Democrats and the hacks in the media did everything in their power to make sure you’d miss.

If a Republican facing even the remotest possibility of criminal indictment…

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