Chasing the Shiny Object


No to Donald.pngPoliticians will always disappoint you. While it’s tempting to suggest they’re pawns of Satan, the fact is that they are just politicians and their focus is on votes. Votes are what drive their cranks and put them into office. Principles are secondary. That’s true of all politicians, even the ones who talk about principles a lot. Yes, some of them may have principles, but if they stick to them when the electorate wants something else, they become former politicians. A politician’s principles are only as good as the principles of the voters. As long as Americans voters have no idea what our principles are, the average politician – interested in election results – will embrace whatever we are rushing to and shouting for at the moment.

I wish I could say that the “low information voters” are the ones to blame, but I’m really wondering about the increasingly partisan slices…

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