Hillary: Abraham Lincoln for $200

Regular Right Guy

Hillary Rodham Clinton

UPDATE – Other than finding it odd that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were up past their bedtime on a week night, what most piqued your interest in last night’s Democrat townhall?

Yeah, me neither.

Here is one question CNN planted someone asked Hillary just before I began to nod off.

See? See? I’ll bet you guys thought Hillary couldn’t find her basement server without a guide dog.

Hillary is right about Honest Abe, though. If he had lived, things probably would have turned out much differently. Who knows what our world would be like if Lincoln had overseen those early days of the Reconstruction?

For one thing, the Democrats may not have even gotten the Ku Klux Klan off the ground so they could lynch and terrorize African Americans for 100 years.

Just think about it. Maybe there wouldn’t have been segregated drinking fountains or hotels and restaurants…

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