Australian Uses ‘Flamethrower’ on Robbers

Regular Right Guy

flamethrower-fb-thumbNotice in this video that even after Australia’s strict gun control laws, the ones that President Obama likes to tout as the model America should follow, the only people who have guns are the one’s that weren’t supposed to have them in the first place.

Nice going, Dan Rigney, you’d make a great American.

We  are having trouble with politicians trying to take away our gun rights, as well. Maybe if our president had ever held a job in a store like yours, or anywhere else, he would appreciate the inherent God-given right to self-protection. Unfortunately, though, he would like to reserve that right only for himself and his elitist liberal friends.

Luckily, he hasn’t been too successful.


But don’t worry about him, Dan. Come on over. Convenience store franchises are opening up all the time.

And we are not going to let anyone take away your right…

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