Why’s Hillary Talking Like That?

Regular Right Guy

hillary-clinton-old-hag-3Over the years Hillary Clinton has manifested more personalities than Sybil. I’m not sure whether this is intentional, or if they just push their way to the front when something triggers one of them. They just seem to pop out.

Here is guardian of cyber security Hillary, leading up to her … um, win in Iowa Monday night.

Maybe that was Just say something Hillary; I get them mixed up. But you just never know which Hillary Clinton you’re going to get when someone pushes a microphone in her face.

Remember “No ways tired Hillary?

How ‘bout clueless technophobe Hillary?

Or bullet-dodging diplomat Hillary?

Informed Keynesian economist Hillary?

Just plain fed up with you guys Hillary?

Or sometimes several seem to just come out all at once.

But here’s the one Hillary I would buy tickets to see.

guantanamoPrisoner_2399032bI’m outta here early today with schtuff to…

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