Fiorina Out of NH Debate

Regular Right Guy

AP_801347982714-640x480UPDATED – The great Andrew Breitbart called it the Democrat-Media Complex and, in context, his point was well taken. There is no question that the media is overwhelmingly stacked against Republicans.

But I have always thought of the relationship between U.S. media outlets and politics in general, as the political-media complex.

Yes, the media hates Republicans but it certainly hates some more than others. And for its part, when the RNC leadership has a particularly ugly piece of oppo research on, say, Ted Cruz, where do you think they go with it?

In a larger interview in which she discusses Hillary Clinton’s crimes, GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina levels stinging charges against her own party’s leadership and their media debate partners.

Mike Flynn, Breitbart:

… Fiorina, however, also turned her fire on the news media and officials with the Republican National Committee for excluding her from the upcoming Republican…

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