What’s good for the goose…

I’m okay with selective service the way it is now. What with the chaotic foreign policy of the last seven years and the mistreatment of our returning and older veterans, there has been a decline in volunteers for military service. I hope the draft doesn’t need to be reinstated.

The Liberty Zone

combat24n-1-webI write this as an Army veteran and the mother of two children who have enlisted to serve their country.

There’s been a bit of a debate lately about whether or not women should register for the draft. After all, if the military is going to open combat arms to females, it is only fair that they get the pleasure of registering for the Selective Service as individuals capable of being drafted in times of war.

I’ve always been of the opinion that as long as women can carry the load – without lowering standards – and can perform the same tasks as their male counterparts without help, more power to them. There are precious few women who can or are willing to do that. It’s not because they can’t. I think with proper and continued training, women can perform the same duties as men, but it requires a lot more…

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