Terrorist Front Group Nominates ’13 Hours’ Islamophobe of the Year

Regular Right Guy

13-hours-the-secret-soldiers-of-benghazi-trailer-3-paramount-pictures-internationalNo, not the Obama administration, another terrorist front group.


Political thriller series Homeland and the Benghazi film 13 Hours have topped the Movie/Book/TV category for the 2016 “Islamophobe of the Year” awards, ran by the Hezbollah-sympathising UK based Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC).

Also nominated were a slew of American productions portraying Muslims and the Middle East, including television drama Tyrant, the show State of Affairs, Superhero drama Arrow, and even Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi was described by the Islamic ‘human rights’ group as “a movie fueled by ‘paranoia about a culture too foreign to grasp except as a bunch of mindless monsters.’”

The film, however, tells a true story widely ignored media outlets. It recounts the tale of six CIA security contractors who desperately defended the American ambassador and his staff within their diplomatic compound amid a massive onslaught by Islamist militants…

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