Irish Man: Aliens Claim World To End In 850 Years!

An Irishman walks by a bar…no, it could happen.

The Camp Of The Saints

Damn!…why so long?

You see: these days I pray constantly for the SMOD to appear in the sky.

From The London Daily Mail, Corey Charlton reporting, we learn:

An Irish man claims cone-headed aliens who abducted him while walking home from the pub have informed him the world will end in 850 years when an asteroid ‘the size of Munster’ [BOB: Not Herman] hits Earth.

Gerry Battles, a retired carpenter from County Limerick [BOB: There once was an alien from Nantucket….], said the creatures had ‘beautiful ginormous eyes’ and spoke to him via telepathy [BOB: That’s soooo 1970’s – how advanced can these guys really be?].

I’ll say one thing for these aliens: they know how to pick their Battles.


The 61-year-old told The Limerick Post he was wandering home from the pub [BOB: Surprise, surprise] on December 26, 2001, when he saw a white surgical…

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