Jeb’s! Campaign. Is. Not. Dead. In. SC. Either.

Regular Right Guy

While Hillary and Bernie are in a footrace to see which one can attract the most minority welfare mothers in South Carolina, Jeb! Bush is busy decimating Donald Trump’s campaign with ads like this:


I haven’t selected a candidate this year, and it is unlikely that it would do me a whole lot of good by the time the primaries get to California anyway.

And I think that Bush the Lesser is probably a nice man; his father and brother are good people. I’ve never been a big fan of his mother, but everybody should honor mothers just for being mothers.

Still, it doesn’t seem to me that someone who feels the necessity to make clarifications like this…

… or who has grown desperate enough to drag his 90-year-old mom out to the winter wiles of New Hampshire like this …

… should be wasting his, or our…

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