Wow! Just Wow.

The Liberty Zone

shackYou know those graphics that sometimes circulate on social media showing you a small shack in the woods and asking you whether you would consider giving up the Internet and TV and living there for some amount of time if you were paid $1 million?

You know what makes that decision a whole lot easier and makes me jump up and down screaming “YES, PLEASE”?

The sheer volume of SJW Howler Monkey loonery I read on the Internet! It’s getting stupider and stupider out there, people. The bugs, bears, and other critters in the woods seem like Nirvana compared to the crazy that the Social Justice Whiner (bowel) movement has become!

Justice? These people wouldn’t know the meaning of the word if it bit them on their shriveled testicles!

The word “justice.” It’s supposed to mean fairness, impartiality, integrity, and lawfulness, right?

It’s supposed to promote equality and balance, right?

Since when…

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